The Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge- original article by Berita Harian
The Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge is the flagship event for Pahang Government State, Tioman Development Authority & Pahang Tourism. This event is the largest fishing competition in Malaysia currently which involved many local and overseas participants.

The Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge (RPBIC) is an annual off-shore fishing competition initiated in 2004 by the Joran Unit of Berita Harian, a popular Malay language national daily newspaper in Malaysia. For the past four years it has been held at the sea off the town and serene beaches of Kuala Rompin in Pahang, about 125 km south of Kuantan.

RPBIC takes advantage of the active migration season of the billfish, such as marlin and sailfish (istiophorus platypterus), passing the Rompin area from the northern hemisphere to their destination in Australia, between March to September. This annual billfish migration, passing through the area in their thousands, could be tracked via satellite. One reason for their presence in the area is the abundance of shoals of anchovies and other small fish to feed on.

The reefs at Rompin, namely Karang (Reef) DO, Karang Cha, Karang Batu Mati, Karang Buru, Karang Luas, Batu Berhala, Karang Rompin, Batu Saga and Tukun Tayar provide some of the best resting places for the billfish before they move on. This was observed during the three years that the Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge competition was held.

One of the objectives for the Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge is to attract tourists to the state of Pahang, especially those who seek adventure and eco-friendly sports. The tourism industry in fact contributes about RM1.5 billion to Pahang state's annual revenue, with about 5 million tourist arrivals to the state in 2006.

Hotels in Pahang, especially those along the beautiful beaches, have benefited from the increase in tourist arrivals.

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