The Migration of Billfish


Penisular Malaysia is a prime tropical paradise that offers an opportunity to discover one of the word’s newest game fishing destinations. The calm azure waters off Kuala Rompin on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia in the State of Pahang boasts one of the world’s great angling secrets. Truth be told, it hold most of the target species of tropical game fish in the region that is the Billfish.

The warm currents of the South China Sea and the reefs in the area namely Karang DO, Karang Cha, Karang Batu Mati, Karang Bubu, Karang Luas, Karang Rompin, Batu Berhala, Batu Saga and Tukun Tayar provide some of the best resting places for the billfish, whilst the abundance of anchovies and shoals of other small fishes provide food for them to forage on.


Thus, thousands of billfish are drawn to the area where they congregate in numbers seen at only a few places elsewhere in the world. This include the Blue Marlin (Makaira mazara) which is one of the most sought after species by recreational anglers and Sailfish (Istiophorus platypterus) which is one of the world’s fastest fish with speeds of up to 110 km / hour.

Although still a relatively unknown billfishing destination, if the Indo-Pacific Marlin and Sailfish is what you are looking for, then Kuala Rompin is the place to go. The season starts in mid-March and runs up to early November each year. At certain times of the year when the sails congregate in large numbers, anglers are likely to strike daily multiple catches.

The billfish at Kuala Rompin weighs an average of 20 kg to 40 kg with the biggest recorded in 2008 weighing in at 57 kg. It is thus suitable for anglers from all levels of expertise. In fact it can be an exciting and fun outing for families, friends and acquaintances to enjoy in the warm sunny weather.

The boats available here ranges from 28 to 33 feet in length and mostly powered by twin 4 stroke outboard engines. Being fast, stable and fitted with GPS, radio, live bait well and rod holders, they are well suited to the tasks at hand. With our experienced skipper bringing with them a wealth of local knowledge, a perfect fishing adventure that is second to none awaits the avid angler.

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